Intrinsic Group

Our Mission

To be the primary go-to resource for advice, software and support in the intelligent buildings market place.

Founded as CORE Programming, in 2017 we became Intrinsic Group Limited.  We operate as a boutique consultancy outfit, comprising a hand selected team of experienced industry leaders. In addition to holding qualifications up to PhD level, all members of the team continuously receive training. Intrinsic Group Limited are InfoComm members with all employees being required to hold the InfoComm Certificate in AV Technology. The Company places a large focus on exposure to the constantly evolving market place, through the attendance of global conferences and exhibitions, both as delegates and presenters.

Firmly rooted in the building automation industry, with years of experience of working with intelligent buildings, connected devices and software development, we offer our specialist services in four main areas:


What makes us different?

Intelligent Technology at the Core

Everything we do is interrelated; The drivers we make give us insight into the leading manufacturers, their installer base and end customer needs; This enables us to provide better, more accurate consultancy. In turn, the feedback we receive from our consultancy clients allows us to feedback to the manufacturers and influence the development of products to meet upcoming market needs.

Intrinsic Group Limited is the only company, globally, with this level of access to information across such a broad platform.

Unbiased and impartial

When we provide consultancy, we have no commercial agenda to push any particular brand, product, or solution. As we work for a large selection of manufacturers, not only do we have broad knowledge, but we commercially cannot be seen to be favouring one, thus our consultancy clients remain confident in knowing that we’ll recommend the system or solution that is best for their needs, often exposing them to systems that they wouldn’t have normally come across.

For the same reason, any installation company that Intrinsic Group Limited holds an interest in, is deliberately precluded from any tendering process that we’ve been involved with.

It’s our aim to provide world-leading advice and ground breaking solutions.


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